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Temple of Peace and Virtue

An De Fu Shen Gong

Updated Training Structure

Please note that all onsite Daoist trainings are being held at the new Temple site in Tennessee.

All initiates must register on this site for trainings that you will be attending.  This will help us to better prepare for trainings, and send relevant material to participants.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Shifu Shannon's assistant through the main office or via the Contact link.

Due to the pandemic, we are also holding a series of online Daoist training events for our initiates, and interested members of the public.  For information about these events, visit our sister site at the International Medical Qigong College.

Online Daoist Events

Individual Registration

Please enter information in the form below to process registration for event Daoist Training: Dizi/Tudi and Daoshi.

Please note that you must be an existing student or disciple to sign up for most of our trainings. Unless the event is clearly marked as being open to the public, only existing students are able to attend. Other interested persons may be able to attend if personally invited by Shifu Shannon.

This web form will NOT collect payment. Once we have determined that you meet criteria for the event that you are registering for, you will be sent a list of options to pay for this training. This may take a few days.
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