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Temple of Peace and Virtue

An De Fu Shen Gong

May 10 – 26, 2020

17-Day Journey into Daoism

This year's Journey into Daoism we will travel to new places, and revisit some familiar ones. We will be spending time in Wuhan for some deep Daoist training, before traveling to our home in Qing Cheng.

During our 7-day stay in Wuhan, we will study with Abbot Jiang, a Daoist brother of mine whom I met four years ago at Jade Emperor Mountain. In the time that we have spent together, I have found him to be a kind, compassionate, yet firm teacher. He is skilled in Daoist alchemy, ritual, scriptures, and health cultivation.

Abbot Jiang will begin training us in a standing method that is designed to your pre-natal Qi. This standing method is taxing but very much worth the effort. For those who cannot stand for extended periods, sitting will be allowed. We will also dive into two alchemical scriptures: the Great Cave Classic (大洞泾 Da Dong Jing) and the Supreme Peace Classic (太平经 Tai Ping Jing). These texts are meant to be studied in order to allow their wisdom to unfold. Lastly while with Abbot Jiang, we will be taught the Ten Direction Chanting (十方韵 Shi Fang Yun) style of singing used during the morning prayers. This is the method of singing the morning prayers that many of you have heard, have requested to learn, and which some of you began to learn during the winter trip of 2018.

To prepare for the training with Abbot Jiang, attendees should be very familiar with the Big Eight Scriptures from the Morning Prayers (八大神咒) and the Scripture of Clarity and Purity (清静经 Qingjing Jing).

From Wuhan we will head to Qingcheng Shan and spend 3 days with my Shifu, Abbot Zhang Ming Xin. In the mornings, she will build upon our training with Abbot Jiang by leading discussions of Daoist alchemy and practical meditations based upon the Great Cave Classic (大洞泾 Da Dong Jing) and the Supreme Peace Classic (太平经 Tai Ping Jing). Our afternoons will be open for practice, hiking, and integration. Our usual personal chef, Lao Yue, will be cooking our lunch and dinner.

Lastly, we will head to Beijing for 2 days of personal time that participants can spend as they wish. We have also been invited by President Li Guang Fu and Secretary General Zhang Feng Lin of the China Daoist Association to visit the Daoist College for a brief cultural exchange during our time in Beijing.

Further details on this trip, including pricing, will be published as we gather them for you.