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True self-cultivation involves the integration of mind, body and spirit.


The depth of knowledge to be gained from spiritual, medical, and martial traditions is profound.

The deepest meanings are beyond words and can only be grasped by direct experience.  Even with partial understanding, life changing events take place.

Through learning these traditions, clarity is acquired, perspective gained, and purpose realized.

An environment of growth, healing and awareness is available at the Temple of Peace and Virtue, which allows the student to go beyond a sense of limitation and take charge of their life by balancing body, mind and spirit.

Journey into Daoism 2017

Registration Information

Due to the nature of this trip, your participation must be approved by Shifu Shannon prior to registering.  

Participants in this trip will be ordained at Jian Gu Gong.
Criteria for ordination is outlined in the Ordination Requirements.  
Please request permission to attend by Emailing the Main Office.
If you email Shifu directly, it is very likely that your request will get delayed. 

There will be two versions of this trip available.  Several participants indicated an interest in flying in and out of Chengdu instead of spending time in Beijing, so that option is available.

The full trip will involve flying to Beijing, then Chengdu and will conclude with several sightseeing days in Beijing.
The abbreviated trip is an option to fly in and out of Chengdu, with no time spent in Beijing. 


Registration Forms

Registration for Abbreviated trip: Chengdu - Qing Cheng only

Registration for Full Trip: Beijing - Chengdu- QingCheng - Beijing

You may fax or mail the Registration form to:

Temple of Peace and Virtue
PO Box 1435
Palm Desert, CA 92261
Fax (800) 848-0649 or (760) 228-9474

What you need to do:

  • Send us your Registration Form and $1000 nonrefundable deposit by March 3, 2017
  • Purchase your international ticket (see Transportation below for information)
  • Get a passport
    • SIGN your passport.  You will not be allowed to use it if you do not.
  • Get a Tourist visa to China (China now offers 10-year Visas for the same price as 1-year Visas.)
    • To get a VISA you will need copies of your Passport, proof of airline ticket, and hotel reservations.
    • Once we receive your Registration, we will send you hotel information to use for this purpose.
    • To get your VISA, take the following to a Chinese Consulate or send to an online service:
  • Send us your flight information as soon as you have booked tickets (Fax or email)
  • Send us a copy of the image page of your passport (Fax or email)

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Fees & Deadlines

FULL TRIP Qing Cheng and Beijing
Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy

Double Occupancy
Single Occupancy

Deposit: By March 3, 2017, a nonrefundable deposit of $1000 is required to guarantee your place.

Balance: Due NO LATER THAN April 3, 2017.

Cost does not include international travel or tourist visa to China.

The hotels are double occupancy unless single room supplement is purchased.

If you would like to share a room with a friend or acquaintance that will be on the trip, please make the note on the registration form. Otherwise, we will attempt to pair you with another traveler. If we cannot pair you with someone else, you will be required to pay the single room rate

Tour may be tax deductible, ask your accountant.


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What's Covered

  • All intra-China transportation
  • All accommodations in China
  • All meals (3 meals per day), excluding lunches while in Beijing on personal time.
  • All tips for teachers, guides, and drivers
  • All training costs

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What's Not Covered

  • Airfare to and from San Francisco
  • International Airfare from San Francisco to Beijing (or Chengdu for those flying straight to Chengdu).
  • Visa to China ($130 if you go to a Consulate or about $170 if you use an on-line service)
  • Personal expenses in China. For example: Hotel amenities, mini bar, room service, laundry service, and telephone/fax usage.

  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • Excess luggage weight charges by airline (50 lbs. maximum weight per checked luggage). You are allowed two (2) checked pieces of luggage, one (1) carry-on, and a personal (purse, laptop).
  • On flights in China, you are allowed two (2) checked pieces of luggage (50 lbs maximum, not per bag), one (1) carry-on, and a personal item (purse, laptop, small backpack).
  • Extra mealtime alcoholic beverages not included in planned meals
  • Lunches while in Beijing on personal days.
  • Medical expenses

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Travel Documents

All travelers must hold a valid passport whose expiration is at least six months after the end of the trip. Your passport must be signed.
Visa applications fees to China are NOT included in the cost of the trip.  You must get your own VISA


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Travelers are responsible for their own international travel expenses. It is STRONGLY recommended that everyone take the same international flight.

  • If traveling in and out of Beijing PEK (FULL TRIP)
    • Must arrive at PEK before 15:00 (3:00pm)* on May 15.
    • Must depart PEK on May 29.

  • If traveling in and out of Chengdu CTU (ABBREVIATED TRIP)
    • Must arrive CTU before 22:00 (10:00pm)* on May 15.
    • Must depart CTU after (Details on this time provided latet) * on May 26th.  If you are leaving earlier than this, you may have to pay an additional $200 transportation fee.

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On flights in China, you are allowed two (2) checked pieces of luggage (20kgs / 44lbs maximum, not per bag), one (1) carry-on, and a personal item (purse, laptop, small backpack).

However, please try to limit your checked luggage to one. We recommend traveling as light as possible. Many travelers will bring one checked luggage and bring have a large duffle bag for the return flight to carry dirty clothes and other non-breakable things, while using there suitcase for fragile items purchased in China. See Packing List (PDF, 43 Kb) for helpful ideas on what to pack. Keep suitcases unlocked at airports to facilitate inspections.

This trip is not overly strenuous. Although there will be a moderate amount of walking and physical demands, how much hiking you do is your choice once we arrive at Qing Cheng Shan.


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Cancellation Insurance

It is strongly recommended that trip cancellation insurance be purchased to protect you against losses due to accidents and/or illness. Check with your insurance agent regarding coverage you may presently have via other insurance policies that may cover illness during your trip.


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Travel Tips

Exchange rate is approximately 6.00 RMB to $1 USD. Cash (or travelers checks) and a credit card are recommended. Also, many stores do not take credit cards; you can use them at bank to withdraw cash (with PIN). 

Dress in layers, it may be hot and is often rainy at Qing Chen. Check online for up-to-date weather reports.


Time Difference
China is 15 hours ahead of us.