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True self-cultivation involves the integration of mind, body and spirit.


The depth of knowledge to be gained from spiritual, medical, and martial traditions is profound.

The deepest meanings are beyond words and can only be grasped by direct experience.  Even with partial understanding, life changing events take place.

Through learning these traditions, clarity is acquired, perspective gained, and purpose realized.

An environment of growth, healing and awareness is available at the Temple of Peace and Virtue, which allows the student to go beyond a sense of limitation and take charge of their life by balancing body, mind and spirit.

May 14-29, 2017

This year's journey to China is going to be a very special one. We are offering an opportunity to receive ordination, or confirmation of previous ordination, at Qing Cheng Shan. The last time this was offered was 2011.
Zhang Shifu has offered to provide Baishi (拜师) and Guanjin (灌巾) ceremonies for those disciples who are qualified. The Baishi (拜师) ceremony is performed to advance an Apprentice (徒弟) to Priest (道士). The Guanjin (灌巾) ceremony is performed to advance an entry level Priest (道士/拜师) to an intermediate level Priest (道士/灌巾). One of the amazing things about receiving this ceremony at Qing Cheng is experiencing the presence and deep connection to lineage, the mountain, the ancestors, and the immortals.

Due to the nature of this Journey, it will not be open to all initiates.

Interested participants must meet certain requirements as outlined  in the Ordination Requirements. Initiates of the Temple of Peace and Virtue who want to attend, and feel they have mastered the necessary skill sets should request permission to attend by Emailing the Main Office.
If you email Shifu directly, it is very likely that your request will get delayed in a way that could prevent your participation.

It is strongly encouraged for those who desire to attend the trip to attend the scheduled Daoist trainings between now and then for examination, review, and refinement. Time will be allotted for filling in some of the gaps.

Please be mindful of the deadlines, as outlined on the Registration and Details page.
We have been very tolerant in the past to our detriment.

The Host

DrShannon headshot 185x218Dr. Bernard Shannon is an internationally recognized teacher of Daoist cultivation, alchemical and mystical practices; medical qigong therapy; and martial concepts. He has trained in martial, medical, and spiritual qigong for over twenty years.

Dr. Shannon began his studies of internal alchemy and mysticism in the late 1980s with one of his martial arts instructors who was a master the Profound schools of alchemy and mysticism. Since that time, he has had many teachers, and he regularly travels to China to continue his training in both Northern and Southern schools of Daoist alchemy and mysticism.

Bernard has been taken as a formal Disciple (Dizi) at Mao Shan with the Shang Qing Branch of Zheng-Yi Daoism, at LongHu Shan with the Tian Shi Branch of Zheng-Yi Daoism, and at Qing Cheng Shan with the Long Men Branch of Quan Zhen Daoism. In 2005, he was ordained as a Daoist Priest at the 900 year anniversary of the Tian Shi Fu (Celestial Master’s Mansion). In 2009 at his root Monestary at Qing Cheng Shan, he was bestowed the post and title of Abbot (Zhu Chi) of the Temple of Peace and Virtue (An De Fu Shen Gong).

Since 2001 he has been to China over a twenty times and has lead many trips studying Medical Qigong, Daoist alchemy, and Daoist mysticism.

AbbotZhangMingXin185x218Abbot Zhang Ming Xin Abbot Zhang Ming Xin (Bright Heart) has been practicing Daoism since the age of 15. She is a 20th generation Long Men Sect (Dragon’s Gate Sect) of the Quan Zhen Branch (Complete Reality) of Daoism; the Chief Master at Jian Fu Gong at Qing Cheng Mountain; the Director of the Cheng Du (city) Daoist Association; the Director of the Si Chuan (provincial) Daoist Association; and the Deputy Directory of the China Daoist Association. Her knowledge, compassion, and willingness to share have made Abbot Zhang a sought after resource for Daoist thought, alchemy, and mystical training. I am honored to call her one of my teachers.