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True self-cultivation involves the integration of mind, body and spirit.


The depth of knowledge to be gained from spiritual, medical, and martial traditions is profound.

The deepest meanings are beyond words and can only be grasped by direct experience.  Even with partial understanding, life changing events take place.

Through learning these traditions, clarity is acquired, perspective gained, and purpose realized.

An environment of growth, healing and awareness is available at the Temple of Peace and Virtue, which allows the student to go beyond a sense of limitation and take charge of their life by balancing body, mind and spirit.


The Temple of Peace and Virtue is a place of Daoist worship welcoming all persons. It provides Daoist religious training for a non-monastic order of initiates and ordained clergy who have made a conscious commitment to self-cultivation and to promoting the Dao.


Our vision is to empower others to maintain a connection with the sacred while living in harmony with humanity and the environment.

To achieve this, we foster an environment of growth, healing, and awareness that encourages practitioners to transcend perceived limitations and balance their body, mind, and spirit.